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Wanna Ask But I Just Stare

Well. Color me misinformed but I had absolutely no idea that Chicago was the jewel in the slightly askew crown of American urban centers. The Midwest has never held much allure, although Iíve been a happy visitor of it on many occasions. Now, may I just venture the grossly under-qualified opinion that that town fucking r-o-c-k-s? My socks off, that is. Who knows what the hell it does for anyone else, and judging from this perhaps there are some non-Chicago-loving ingrates among its own citizenry, but as far as Iím concerned that town is the new living end. Fine people, vibrant Ďhoods, cheap drink, myriad opportunities for high jinks and good trouble. I had, perhaps, some of the more epiphanal (why isnít this a word?) experiences Iíve ever noted having (really) during the last week. Should this/can this be attributed to the setting alone? Perhaps, perhaps. Setting + Mood = Invigorated outlook and common experiences infused with certain meaning. Iíll take it, thanks.

I am back at my stultifying job and working to actually stoke the seething fires of frustration so that my complacency can finally catch on something and I can get things fucking underway (Apologies for the poorly framed thought and awkwardly worded sentence, but it sort of works for me. Yah!).

This is on periodic replay: B. saying, ďNow my mind is racing,Ē as we were discussing interpretations of the otherís recent choices regarding various and sundry shit. And then I just slumped there against the pole with inchoate responses flickering past me, saying nothing. What did he actually mean? (I realize this sounds like some corny moment when it is related like this, decontextualized and truncated, but I wish I had asked him about what, is all. It could have been fascinating and illuminating. There was a rarefied dynamic b/w us for the space of a few hours and Iím not sure how it might be repeated. It wonít.)

How about this for a doozy: ďThe room was eloquent with her departure.Ē This sentence is lean, toned, and fucking hot. It was written by John Fante.

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