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It has come to my attention that in a previous entry I made some inaccurate statements concerning judicial proceedings that actually did not occur in the 1980’s. And no, I will not provide a link directing you to my mistakes. I am so very, very sorry that I allowed such anachronistic anarchy to occur on this site. Forgive me, for I have blogged. Here is some advice to the eagle-eyed young scout who spotted this egregious error: Sit back, put your feet up, and savor a nice, tall glass of cheesewater. It’s on me.

Whew. You want to talk anachronisms, how about this one? I’m going to see Lubricated Goat this evening. My goodness. I am not one much for these nostalgia tours. I like to see an act in the full flush of their fame and artistry. Sometimes, I make exceptions. Like, I saw Lou Reed—because he is Lou Reed. But he was disappointing, although the spoken word portion of the program was decent. Because I am not very hip (e.g. I just saw Lou Reed), I have also blundered into situations where I think time stopped around about when I stopped listening to a band. Like with Camper Van Beethoven, I had completely forgotten the whole Cracker era, and was expecting to just walk in on their big reunion show and be wowed by hearing “Eye of Fatima” live again. I spent a lot of time looking around and tapping my foot (to keep time, not out of annoyance, since the unknown stuff wasn’t too bad anyhow).

The other turn-off about a band on a come-back tour is that now you have to pay 20 bucks to see them when there’s even less to see now than when you saw them for 7 dollars several years ago. Often, the unbridled “help, we are broke now” ethos of these tours is pathetic and depressing. But you pony up to the club when you hear they’re in town because, come on, you used to love them so much and they remind you of distinct, often pleasant, times in your life that could never have any other soundtrack when you look back on them.

I saw Lubricated Goat when I was in high school at a club that closed a long time ago, probably with a band that hung it all up several years ago to settle down in the ‘burbs (Anyone up for a little Corrosion of Conformity or Government Issue? Sigh.), along with three friends of mine—one was my high school boyfriend par excellence who I haven’t seen for a few years now, one is now finishing up a doctorate in Library Sciences, and the other, I lost touch with. So tonight, around midnight or so, I will hopefully be borne away on waves of memory and nostalgia back into the haze of my life, circa 1989—teenage angst, adolescent lust, high jinks at every turn, impassioned with everything, craving just that much more age and experience. Gee. I think I’ll pay whatever cover they’re charging.

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