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Silly! Of course I want to be happy (did you happen to actually read any of that thing?) and sometimes I am happy.

Take last night, for example. I was sitting out on the back porch drinking a chai latte and chatting with my neighbor. It was humid. It was dusk. There was a storm coming. Mojave 3 was audible through the screen door. Perfectly bittersweet. My neighbor and I were having a wandering, languorous conversation that went nowhere and then the storm blew up and we tried to remember the rule about counting inbetween thunder claps and lightning to determine how far away the storm was. I was happy as a clam.

Am I generally fabulously, superbly ecstatic? Are you? If I were, I would have been too wildly busy and important to have even spent the time on that waste of ether ink yesterday at work.

These are just words, folks! Thatís all you get.

Speaking of work, I got the ooky feeling that the work-people are going to do something for my burpday next week. I donít want them to. Really, I hate that shite. How they even know about it is a mystery! Go away, silly work-people!

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