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My mother graduated from high school in 1954, in Bawlmer. The producer of "Grease" was in her class; Barry Levinson walked the same year at the neighborhood’s other high school. Apparently, she was way more Sandra Dee than Pink Lady. No matter that she brushed dangerously close to beatnik delinquency in her early 20’s, high school was all chewy, wholesome goodness. These were her formative years. Here is what she told me last week: A young man should call at least 2 days in advance to ask you out. Does this actually occur anywhere in the western hemisphere? I lub my mommsy though. I told her “Summer Loving” isn’t a solo. It's a duet that relies on the interplay of nice n’ nasty for its emotive value and dramatic punch. Boys have always been boys, thank goodness.

Mr. K's next big production was "Blue Lagoon," that lusty showcase of eyebrows and eyecandy. Just before my time.

I am flushed with pre-Portland anticipation. Oh, and SF too. Fuck me, I am doing things wrong.

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